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Entry #1

It Begins!

2013-12-10 09:02:25 by NullBoss

Hi peeps, So, I finally got around to joining Newgrounds and slapping my art all over it's face with so much more...SO MUCH! to add. Will be sliding through the art portal like a greasy Gazelle soon enough to check out some of the other fantasti artists that are around and about and of course, watching all those awesome animations! Check out my stuff sometime and drop a line. :3  


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2013-12-10 10:06:25

Your artwork is rather horrifying...

...Horrifyingly good, that is! I've only taken a preview at your gallery right now, and the effects for blood and gore look brilliant. Keep up the artwork, someone will scout you fast at this rate.
Won't be me, though, since I am also unscouted and have only 2 newb pieces at the moment. I'll get there one day. :P

Again, keep it up, take care and have a blast here at Newgrounds!

NullBoss responds:


Why thank you, the more horrific and vomit inducing it is, the warmer and wetter I am on the inside. On a serious note though, thank for the comments, I'm happy you dig my art. Hope I do get scouted, need to get out there into that wide world. Stay tuned for more filth, as it will be coming soon. If you ever wanna team up on something, feel free to hit me up!

Thanks again friend.


P.s Keep working at your art, keep submitting, KEEP ARTING! Time, patience and effort will show in good time.