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A Wonderful Surprise.

2013-12-11 07:31:05 by NullBoss

Hi folks, Popped on this morning to find out I've been Scouted, so a big thank you to ThePsychoSheep for that! Great start to the day.


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2013-12-11 08:43:46

Brilliant! You've really been active on the art releases lately.
So now you can rock the Art Portal with good ol' blood and guts. Keep it up, and thanks for the two reviews you gave me, they were very helpful!

NullBoss responds:

I have yeah, with more to come too, it's just finding the time to sit down and finish what I'm working on when I'm not at work. I'm thinking of veering away from the good old blood and guts for a bit, make something maybe not so macabre for once. That will be a shock to the system.

You're welcome, I do hope they were helpful. :3